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A unique combination of pampered style with performance

The 2013 Maserati Quattroporte – is the all new style icon for all the car lovers. It is a unique car, which has various new features that helps in making it popular. The latest model has two engine options and features aluminum blocks with direct injection. The V6 model of the 2013 Maserati Quattroporte will hit zero to 60 mph in about 05 seconds and the V8 model takes about 4.7 seconds to get to that speed. The top speed for V6 engine is about 177 MPH while the V8 engine boasts of a top speed of 191 Mph. It is being considered as the next new generation European luxury sedan.

North America International Auto show will debut this generation 2013 Maserati Quattroporte in January 2013 in Detroit, USA. The car is set to have a complete new interior and exterior design that makes it better than the predecessors. The trademark Quattroporte front grill and the three side vents would be retained in the new model along with the triangular C pillar.

The completely redesigned exterior of the 2013 Maserati Quattroporte is complemented with its interiors. The new model has new center console with steering wheel and new dials. It is a four seater luxury sedan which also boasts of monitors integrated in the front seat.

With all these features available in just one car, we all wish to drive it. Now this dream car can be a part of your dream holiday as you can rent them from any of the good luxury car rental companies. The travelers who prefer to hire luxury cars have the ease to get the car for self drive or hire a chauffeur with it. Booking the car of your choice in advance has also become quite convenient as many of the luxury car rental companies operate through website. You can get to know about the fleet they maintain and can hire any of the cars you prefer. The travelers can also call these companies and book the cars easily.

The rental price charged by these companies is quite affordable and this makes it easy for people to hire them for their trips or for special occasions. It is important that you contact the different companies that provide with the car and compare the charges and services before you book your car with them. It can help you to get a better deal and you can look forward to a memorable experience.

People book the luxury car for regular events also as the companies provide them on hourly rental basis as well. So if you have to attend a premier show or need to make your husband feel special on his birthday, you can simply book the car and feel like a celebrity.