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Bentley limousines

The Bentley limousine also known as the baby Bentley comes in many colours, we have the limousines in black, white and silver. These limousines that we have do not have normal doors but the classy Bentleys we hold have the Lamborghini doors to add the excellence of the limousine. The limousines have a great interior with a television screen and music player and also the great colour of the interior makes the limousine look like a mini nightclub. You could hire the baby Bentley from us and make your limousine hire even better by getting chauffeured in the very posh baby Bentley which makes all other cars look normal so don't miss out and hire today.

Porsche limos

Porsche are already a worldwide company selling some of the most extravagant cars which are also known for their mighty speed, but now Porsche have introduced the great Porsche cayenne limousine. This car is already known for its great size but as a limousine it will make you feel smaller than a child because this limousine is known for its big size to battle with the like of the hummers. Its extravagant size just adds to its greatness but as a limousine it makes the car look even better with great wheels and an interior which will want you jumping in to the limo every time you see it. Porsche are now looking to add to their range of limousines so keep your eye out for another Porsche limo bonanza.

bentley limo in white bentley in silver