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Birmingham tours attractions

Birmingham is one of the most visited cities in the United Kingdom now with it attracting millions of people every year. It is not hard to see why Birmingham has become one of England’s top cities. The Bull Ring which is now full of restaurants, bars and some of the finest high designer clothing from Harvey Nichols to Selfridges, Birmingham is full of fashionable places. The famous Bull which is a stand point in the city is just outside the ever so popular Hollister shop. Birmingham is also home to its famous blue team Birmingham city that are now in the championship pushing trying to reach the Premier League.

Birmingham is seen as one of the most multi cultural cities and it is probably the only city where you can find such different lifestyles and shops which are a real treat to see and experience. Drayton Manor Park is also a big attraction with it being of England’s biggest theme parks in the country, it has some great rides and is a fantastic day out for all of the family. With tickets and admissions offers always running you can knock yourself some great discount off. If rides aren’t your thing then Birmingham is also home to the one and only Cadburys world, you can explore the great brands history and see how they create the chocolate.

Aston Hall is also a great place for tourists to check out when visiting Birmingham; it has a great atmosphere and is a lovely day out for all of the family. Birmingham is a great city to travel around and what better way to visit these places in one of our great limousines.


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