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Café culture Nottingham

A frothy cappuccino in a classy café is easy to find in Nottingham. There are a number of chain and independent coffee shops and tea rooms on offer to you.

Star Bucks, Costa Coffee, Drunkers and Mozzarellas are just some of the chain of cafés available for a sumptuous morning or afternoon treat. The city hosts a range of independent places to take a break and enjoy something refreshing.

Indulge in a cup of chocolate made with real coffee at the Chocolate Utopia café on Friar Lane. This family owned business offers the gorgeous chocolates made from the finest ingredients. All hot drinks are served with a complimentary chocolate and their hot chocolate is made with real chocolate by hand in front of you. It's an ideal place for chocolate lovers to take a break and relax.

Or would you prefer a cuppa tea? If so then you must try Lee Rosy's Tea Shop and café on Broad Street. Offering a wide selection of tea by the mug, cup and saucer or by the pot. Coffee and fruit smoothes are also available, whatever your choice of beverage I am sure you will be tempted to purchase a slice of homemade cake too!

The Malt Cross café bar situated on St James Street based in an old Victorian music hall, offers fair trade only coffee and juices and beer and food. The venue is also used music gigs and art exhibitions.

Edin's Deli café bar on Broad Street provides a variety of freshly made coffees and selection of cakes. If you fancy something savoury they offer a gorgeous selection of delicatessens to tempt your taste buds.

Jass Interiors now offers a Jass Café on Low Pavement Street, providing a cup of tea or coffee with freshly made pastries or Paninis that are baked on site. Whether permitting you can enjoy your relaxing break in their sunny garden area.