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Car ICE - Midlands Limos

In-car entertainment, which is most commonly known as ICE is an upgrade for vehicles, which can include CD players, DVD players, mini TV screens, gaming consoles, satellite navigation systems, advanced speaker systems etc. The list can go on and on.

DVD players and mini TV screens are a common starting upgrade for any ICE enthusiast. TV screens are generally inserted into the front dashboard of the vehicle but they can also be motorised to slide down from the front roof or for the rear passengers built into the rear headrests. Some people even go as far as installing larger TV screens in the boot of their vehicles so all their friends can gather round and watch together.

These days however, one single unit can play CDs, DVDs, have built-in satellite navigation and a screen all built into one, so individual units are not required, therefore saving on space if you have a small vehicle to begin with.

Every ICE system is on personal choice and preference but the speakers. Obviously the quality of the speakers is dependent on personal budgets etc. but the amount and size of speakers is usually determined by the vehicle size and capacity. This advice can be provided by any ICE specialist.

The most advanced ICE systems can be found in any high class exotic limousine as standard. They will usually have a number of TV screens with the most advanced speaker systems available. Disco lights and dance floor lights are also another feature found exclusively on limousines only.