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City of Leeds

Leeds is one of the best cities for its shopping and fantastic dining, from its arts to its buzzing nightlife Leeds is a great place to visit for everyone. The city centre is easy and relaxed and has something for everybody to treasure. It could be it’s fine architecture which hangs over the city centre or the entertainment which consists of sports, theatre and heritage alongside world class museums. The art gallery is famous and holds some of the finest art in the world in its own category. The best part of Leeds what many people love is that most of the attractions are free to experience so you can travel around the city without spending a lot of money something which is usually not the case in big cities.

The stylish shopping centre is a treat and hosts some unmissable events including magicians, dancing and much more which it has on offer. Beyond that there is Leeds Festival, the West Indian Carnival and the Classical Fantasia all to choose from. Leeds is also home to its famous football club which attracts over 30,000 people each week and with this loyal support comes one of the biggest supported clubs in England.