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Daimler Landaulette

Daimler is engaged into motor vehicle manufacturing from1890 and the company which made the first motorcycle in 1885 and the makers of Mercedes vehicles have produced this Landaulette by the name of Daimler Regina DF 400, more popularly known by the name of Daimler DK 400. This car was into production from 1954 to 1959 and only 93 such cars have been produced. This is the reason for the rare sight and exclusive charm of this vehicle worldwide.

Landaulette is not a particular car, however refers to a distinct model where the car is divided into 3 compartments and the driver’s compartment is separated from the rest of the car. The last part of the car is convertible into an open roof. This is the reason why such vehicles were popular amongst public figures or political personalities who need to give public appearance while on the go.

Our Daimler Landaulette has been resorted by experienced Daimler Engineers and is regularly serviced by Daimler Engineers in order to ensure a comfortable and memorable journey to our clients on their best day.

The interiors of this car are tastefully done in premium quality leather and we provide fresh interiors along with fresh bouquet of flowers for that perfect aromatic ambience for its occupants. On the exterior the car is decorated as per the preference of the clients with ivory or white laces and exclusive bouquets which adds a dash to the beauty of chrome finish and beautifully polished car.

The car can easily accommodate 7 passengers with ease making good room for the heavy wedding dress of the bride and the bride’s maids; the driver’s compartment is separated from rest of the cabin for that privacy of the Bride and Groom; and the rear of the car can be converted into an open roof in just 5 second so as to satisfy the eager shutterbugs with nice photographs.

We have our chauffeurs professionally trained and all of them are polite, courteous, well uniformed and are always on time in order to ensure a safe, happy and memorable ride for the occupants on the best day of their life.

We are one of the most experienced professionals in this industry and our payment terms are hassle free and we do not have any hidden charges. Our cars do only one event in a day. All this to ensure you have a good and memorable drive of your life.