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Derby Limo Hire

The heights of Abraham has Visitor's travel from all over the world to experience its unique blend of spectacular underground caverns, stunning views and acres of beautiful woodland. In recent times however, the Heights has become rightly famous for its landmark Cable Car system which was introduced in 1984 - the first of its kind in the whole of the British Isles.

The heights of Abraham is known as an excellent tourist attraction and has many people wanting to go on the great new cable car system so why don't you hire our great limousine hire and enjoy the heights of Abraham in great style.

Since the heights of Abraham have opened its gate to visitors in 1780 it has remained one of the peak districts most popular destinations. First of all the heights of Abraham was reached on foot and required visitors to scale the steep slopes of Masson hill. Now with the new cable car system you can observe the great scenery and enjoy the great derwent valley and River Derwent which is the largest river in the Peak District and a major tributary of the River Trent, which it joins just south of Derby.

The Derwent rises on the Eastern flank of Bleak low and is approximately 80km (50 miles) long, draining a large proportion of the county of Derbyshire. The river derwent has great scenery and many attractions close to it as the river derwent dam and the Chatsworth from the river. The river derwent has great scenery and you could hire our range rover sport limousine or our pink hummer limo hire and enjoy the great scenery with our free bubbly in our limousine and get treated like royalty.

Also at the excellent heights of Abraham you can enjoy a tour of the Masson Cavern system which begins above ground with a short film presentation that takes you back to the age of the dinosaurs and beyond to explore the very formation of the Masson cavern.

With the great tour of the Masson cavern you will then be taken to the underground to experience first hand the excellent system of the great historical cavern. You could hire our triple axel hummer limousine and enjoy the great cavern or maybe hire our pink limo hire.

Also at the heights of Abraham there is also the Rutland cavern, here, young and old alike can go underground to experience a day in the life of a 17th Century lead mining family. Once you are underground the mining life comes to life with great animatronics which make the atmosphere of the historical age come back to life.

You can hire our H2 hummer limousine and make the most of the heights of Abraham and you could also hire our baby Bentley and enjoy free soft drinks and bubbly in our limousines as you explore the great hilltops of the heights of Abraham.
At this moment in time the heights of Abraham is closed as they are looking to make it even better for the public. But The Heights of Abraham will re-open to the public in time for half term on Saturday 9th February.

So don't miss out on this exciting prospect of improving the heights of Abraham and make sure you are their to sit in one of our exciting limousines such as our new range rover sport limo hire and our H3 pink exotic hummer limousine hire.

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