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Derby Limos Hire

Derby now has a great museum and art centre with extravagant art and historical artefacts which everyone wants to see. The museum is also now lending paintings to two very prestigious exhibitions. The derby museum is now also redisplaying the collection of Joseph Wright's paintings in the gallery and will include a small exhibition relating to the work of his close friend the Derby Clockmaker and Geologist John Whitehurst. This great work will be shown in the art gallery and museum for everyone to come and enjoy.

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The Derby Museum and Art Gallery are showing a great wide range of important and attractive collections, covering porcelain, paintings, archaeology, history, local regiments, geology and wildlife to make the museum that little bit better. The museum and Archaeology Gallery contains local material from the Stone Age to the middle Ages, with several fine Anglo-Saxon crosses. There are also two Egyptian mummies. This gives the museum and art galleries that historical look which everyone will want to know about and learn more about history.

So feel free to hire our range rover sport limousine hire or maybe our H2 hummer limousine hire and make the most out of visiting the derby museum and art gallery as you will enjoy extravagant art and historical artifacts in the museum. Also don't worry you can come back from learning a lot about art and the museum and come and relax in our limousines with free soft drinks and free bubbly so you can make the most of our luxurious limousines.

The museum shop is also doing exceptionally well because a lot of people are looking for unusual and exciting work by local artists, and at the derby museum they will get exactly that as they visit the museum shop where they have a large range of handcrafted jewellery, cards, ceramics and textiles. The derby museum shop also has a wide range of Joseph Wright merchandise and a selection of local interest books. So don't miss out and get exciting books and souvenirs from the museum so you can remember the derby art gallery and museum as it shows you an insight in to great art and great artifacts.

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