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Drinks & Bars in a Limousine

Bars are effectively 'posh' or upper-class pubs. People generally visit or meet up in bars before they go to another event or a night out. Bars are generally classed as 'chic' and 'cool' places to be seen in.

Trendier bars even have live shows and music playing throughout the course of the evening. Different types of bars play different varieties of music, hence they attract certain types of people who enjoy there music.
City centres of all major cities and even smaller towns are usually full of bars and you will see these in full light during Friday and Saturday nights, when they are literally packed-out with people.

Bars are open during the day also and usually serve as cafes or snack bars. During the day they can be used by families who would just like to go in for a coffee or a milkshake and some dessert. During the evening however, there sole purpose is to serve all varieties of alcoholic beverages.

Pink Hummer Limo Hire can drop you and your friends off right outside the door-step of your favourite bar in town. And why not visit more than one bar? The Pink Hummer will take you from bar to bar and make it a night for you to remember.

In larger bars, events or gigs may be held, especially for up-coming music artists. This type of event may require advance booking but generally tickets will be available on the door on the night.

Limousine Hire also have mini bars in all there exotic limousines, which include complimentary soft drinks or champagne. This type of bar is a self-service bar, where all drinks / glasses etc. are provided for the customer.

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