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Events in Sheffield

Sheffield has some fantastic events happening all year around one of the most fabulous events to visit is the Bet Fred Snooker open where the championship comes to an end with it being one of snookers most high end events. All the world’s best players will be on show for you to see from Ronnie O Sullivan to some legends of the sport. Tickets start from around £20 and you get to visit the whole day, some tickets are a little more high priced if you wanting to sit directly behind the player or even have some VIP treatment but if you’re just looking for a good day out then the £20 is certainly enough for you.

Another popular event which has emerged from Sheffield is the Chinese Journey to the East; it shows you some of the Chinese traditions and has some great things on show from historic traditions to some valuable items. The event is vibrant and has a real nice feel to it leaving it one of our top picks at Midlands Limos to visit while you are visiting Sheffield. Next is something the kids will the Big Bang Theory which is travelling all around the UK is coming to Sheffield, the popular show is a real hitter with the kids and promises to break the impossible, with its great prices and positive energy surrounding the event you would be foolish not to give this at least a try sometime.

If none of that is quite your thing this is also the LoveBytes event where some of Sheffields finest arts and displays are show pieced, you will enjoy this and you can even take along your own drink for the outdoor show.


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