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Ferrari Enzo Dumped After Man in Debt

A limited edition Ferrari Enzo has been astonishingly dumped by its owner and left for 20 months in exactly the same spot. The Ferrari Enzo which shot to fame back around 8 years ago became the most expensive supercar on the planet. The wealthy owner of the Ferrari who has over 32 other supercars described it as his finest collection however just after June he left the supercar abandoned in a car park covered in dust. The Dubai police were informed of the car and they impounded the luxury motor as it was their over so many days.

The Ferrari is oe of 399 which exist and due to the Enzo high in demand the other cars which were auctioned off had to go first these included Porsche cars, BMW’s and Lamborghini’s. The Enzo was covered that much in dust it took them around 2 hours to clean the supercar back to its original colours. The Dubai police are now looking for the man who is in debt as in Dubai it is illegal for people to be in debt. The Ferrari can do 0-60mph in just 3.4 seconds. There is high chance this car will be going for a fair price when the bidding commences next week. The Ferrari car is the most sought Ferrari in history and with so much history we could see a big price on the Ferrari.

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