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Fiat Panda Stretch Limo

The Fiat Panda is an Italian car manufactured from 1980 until 2003 and with few mechanical and body changes, it is known as the 'old panda'. A second model was launched in 2003 and is often referred to as the 'new panda' and won European Car of the Year in 2004.

The new panda has a very stylish shape making it very modern and the new panda wheels make it that little bit sport. The panda has also been very popular as the Panda embraced its role as a utility vehicle with rear seats which could fold flat to form a bed or fold up to be a bottle carrier. The front seats and dash board also had removable covers for wash ability while there was the option to have a panda with a full length roll back roof. The four-wheel drive system in the Fiat Panda was also popular because of the often poor roads in some parts of rural Italy. However, the old panda was phased out in the 1960s across Europe because of corrosion which was seen across the Fiat range, as well as tougher safety restrictions. The old panda was still produced in Italy until 2003 when the new panda was launched.

The reason the fiat panda is being bought up again is because top gears legend Jeremy Clarkson is at the moment in the process of creating a 120 foot stretch limousine out of a Fiat Panda. Top gear and Jeremy Clarkson have found a way to use their money and create a masterpiece from an old legendary Italian car.

The fiat panda has already made two appearances on Top Gear, the Panda Dynamic was tested by James May in 2003 and the Panda Climbing was tested by Jeremy Clarkson in 2005 and made it to The Cool Wall. Also it is getting even more famous as it made an appearance in the latest Bond film Casino Royale, which was released in late 2006, early 2007.

The panda is making its way back up the ladder is slowly getting back to its popular position as one of the best European cars and Jeremy Clarkson Is on his way to make it one of the best limousines.

So you can look forward to seeing the panda on the big screen as well as back on Top Gear again when Jeremy Clarkson completes his stretch limo version and midlands limos will be with Jeremy Clarkson all the way and who knows we may even add it to our limousine collection so look out for the fiat panda having an extra stretch in to a big limousine.

fiat panda limo