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Film buffs Nottingham

Whether you're on a fun day out with the children, or an evening out with someone special or wanting to chill and relax with friends or family then the cinema experience could be for you.

Nottingham cinemas each provide a programme of great films to entertain you both day and night. There are great five cinemas to choose from in Nottingham to meet your viewing needs.

Cineworld Cinema based in The Corner House, its fourteen screen rooms are very cosy with comfortable chairs with plenty of legroom! The screen rooms are available to hire for your own blockbuster party.

Showcase Cinema large multiplex is situated just outside the City Centre. It provides a small food court offering pizza, hot dogs, nachos and other fast food snacks. They also offer a Premier Service allowing you to feel like a VIP. For an additional cost you could enjoy the extra wide seating suitable for 2 people, some complimentary snacks and access to the Chatter Lounge bar area.

The Savoy Cinema on Derby Road allows you to step back in time and enjoy an authentic experience in a very relaxed atmosphere providing half time intervals with ushers. Private screening is available outside normal cinema hours for group bookings.

The Broadway Media Centre situated on Broad Street provides a quaint atmosphere and for its screening independent films. There is a café bar and Mezz bar offering meal deals, you get cinema admission and a main course meal for £6.90.

Screen Room also on Broad Street claims to be the smallest cinema in the world providing short films. It is worth the experience just so you can tell all your friends and family that you have been to the smallest cinema in the world. It is advisable to book tickets in advance.

If you enjoy the magic of watching a good film at the cinema, the way the film looks and feels on a big screen, or going umm or ahh at the trailers with your friends then you will enjoy watching a film at anyone one these venues.