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Flowers For Weddings

Flowers can be used for many different occasions and can say a lot. They are generally sent for birthdays, anniversaries, flowers in a limousine for weddings and funerals but can be sent for virtually anything else. Different types of flower arrangements are required, dependent on the type of event, e.g. for a birthday it might be a bouquet arrangement and for a funeral it may be a wreath.

Different flowers are given for different occasions. Roses are generally given on Valentines Day, which show love and affection. Lilly's are used for funerals and daisies are a symbol of innocence.

Flowers are also taken to the sick in hospital or for someone who just needs cheering up. They brighten up anyone's day and smell lovely.

Florists generally provide the service of arranging the flowers in a bouquet and delivering them. This is usually a surprise for the beneficiary as they are almost always an unexpected surprise.

These days it is quick and easy to order your flowers off the internet and they can be delivered anywhere in the world, usually the same day or the following day.

Additional items to send with flowers are generally chocolates placed in a limousine / balloons / cards etc. dependent on the occasion. The florist will usually be able to provide this extended service at an additional cost.

Different flowers have different life times and the florist must be aware of this. All flowers delivered must be fresh so they remain for the longest time possible with the beneficiary. Once flowers are cut they have an average life-span of 7 days in them before they start to die.

wedding flowers in limousines