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Hen & Stag Nights in a Limousine

Getting married is one of the most important decisions in one's life and with it comes great responsibility and long-term commitment. However, before you actually get married off there is the final send-off party; namely the hen night for the girls and the stag night for the boys. These parties are traditionally done as a final send-off and are known to be like the last night of being young, free and single.

Hen nights are for girls only and stag nights for boys only. The lads will usually play a number of pranks on the new groom-to-be, but going out and drinking in a variety of different pubs and bars is one of the main objectives for both parties.

Pink Limo Hire will usually cater for the hen night parties, either taking the party from bar to bar or simply dropping them to one club. Usually the Pink Limo will wait around and bring the hen party back at the end of the night.

Traditionally hen and stag nights are carried out on the night before the marriage date but these days it can be held for up to a few months in advance; dependent on when all the friends can get together for the night. Lads will often choose the night before, whereas the girls will do the hen party a few months in advance. Again this is based on personal preference more than anything else.

Hen and stag nights are never mixed with one another, even if they are on the same night. Traditionally they will stay out of one another's way and stick with their respective groups only. This may be partly due to the reason that the bride and groom must not see each other on the night before the marriage.

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