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Hen party games


Hen party games are essential to get the party going and for everyone to start bonding. The following games are a great way to get everyone chatting;


Nags- This game involves a packet of peanuts and a pint of beer. Everyone choosing there race peanut(the nag) and a pint of beer is the course. You drop the peanuts into the beer at the same time and the slowest peanut to drop, gives the loser a forfeit-a swig of beer. However, if the peanut breaks into two then the forfeit is to down what's left in the pint of beer.


Animal Noises- The game starts by somebody saying “I went to the zoo and saw a....” and then proceeds to make a noise of an animal. The second person repeats  “I went to the zoo and saw a.....” and repeats the noise of the first person and then adds another animal noise. The game then proceeds until someone messes up. The forfeit is then to drink a swig of alcohol. If you are playing this one in a pub or bar expect some funny looks!


Play your Numbers Right- The game starts by someone calling out “one”, the next person says “two” and the next says “three” etc. However, there is no particular order, the catch comes when two people call a number at the same time-the forfeit being a swig of alcohol for the two losers. If no one calls within a second of the last number, the person who called the last numbers calls “nil” and gets to choose the person to carry out the forfeit. If someone calls a number at the same time as “nil”, they also get to carry out the forfeit.


If you are planning a hen party, them don't forget to book your limousine to carry the hens to  the party in style. We also offer 6 bottles of bubbly completely free!

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