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Derby County Limo Hire

Pride Park Stadium is a football stadium in the Pride Park business park on the outskirts of Derby, England. It is owned by and is the home of Derby County F.C. The stadium holds 33,597 spectators. The stadium also has a great shop and also a great restaurant inside with many activities to do for all the locals that support the club.

You could hire our hummer limousine or maybe our range rover sport limousine hire and we could get the pride park organization to give you a tour of the whole stadium and then you could top it off with free bubbly in our limousines.

Derby County Football Club is an English football club based in Derby. They currently play in the Premier League, the highest division of English football. The club is not doing as well as they are bottom of the premier staring into relegation. The club however is battling hard in the top flight and is looking to bring in new players in the transfer window.

You could hire our pink limo hire or our triple axel hummer limousine hire and we could take you to watch derby county football club (the rams) and see the great support they get from local supporters and the atmosphere at the game will be immense.

Derby County has just been assigned a new manager in Paul jewell who was successful for bringing a small club like Wigan athletic in to the premiership and keeping them there as they become a stronger team every year. At the moment he has the same hoped for derby as he battles away to keep them in the premiership to battle with great clubs like Bolton wanderers and Sunderland to keep that right to stay in the top flight.

Paul jewell and derby have just made new signings with Lauren Robert making his return to the premiership after a spell out in the Spanish league. Also Derby County has also save Robbie Savage from Blackburn and they are hoping he can use his dedication on the football field to boost the chances of derby being in the premiership next season.

You could hire our pink limo hire and enjoy a great football match as Derby and Paul jewell will be looking to turn their season around.

Derby county best days were the Brian clough days as derby clinched the signing of influential Dave Mackay they won their first ever football league championship and the highly successful manager in Brian clough showed his class once again and showed what a legend he is. For their appreciation the road between Nottingham and Derby has changed its name from Derby road to Brian Clough Way. It was changed to show their appreciation from both clubs Nottingham forest and Derby County to whom he managed to great success for both clubs.

You can enjoy the great history of Derby by going to see the ground and learning more about the club as you hire our range rover sport limousine and H2 hummer limousine and make the most of a great and elegant drive as you get chauffeured in style.

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