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Home of Sheffield

Sheffield has become a great night out for people, the university has helped bring in new life and with new bars and clubs opening all the time the city has really expanded its entertainment within the city. With clubs such as Pure which attract a lot of customers and also provide a stylish night out that you will remember for times to come. Whether you are planning a visit in Sheffield for a long stay or a short stay you will be in for a treat around this city.

 Sheffield has some great extreme sport activities, international cultural events and some fantastic museums, it is also home to the national pub of the year for 2008 and 2009, if there is one place that has it all it has to be Sheffield.

Sheffield is also home to the Sheffield Wednesday team and the English basketball team Sheffield Sharks who are also well watched throughout the city. Sheffield is famous for its iron building and with old building all being rebuilt the city has seen somewhat of a transformation in recent times.