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Hummer Limo Hire Nottingham


Hummer Limos have already been around the block for a few years, but they still can take your breath away when you see one rolling down the street. If you thought you were going to catch your breath, think again. Here come the first-of-their-kind 2010 Hummer H2 stretch limos.

These bad boys are both beauty and the beast, capable of stunning you with their ferocious good looks as well as bowling over the other vehicles on the road with their muscle and mass. 

Hummer Limo Hire in Nottingham and West Midlands.

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H2 Hummer Limo

H2 Hummer Limo Hire Nottingham

They say that it’s size that matters, and the Hummer H2s surely have the bulk to back that up. Any limousine service offering the H2 knows these stretch limos also pack a wealth of features inside to make any rider feel like a movie mogul or business tycoon.

Some of the more jacked H2 versions feature as many as four televisions, with flat screens and DVDs players to add to your viewing pleasure. MidlandlimosHummer Limo hire in Nottingham And East Midlands.


  • Hummer Limo Hire Nottingham  Hummer Limo Hire Nottingham Hummer Limo Hire Nottingham