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Leeds City Centre

Leeds city centre is undoubtedly one of the best shopping centres in the area with over 1000 plus shops to choose from; from urban outfitting to indie outfitting Leeds has it all. One of the most popular shops which has become the Blue Rinse, this designer shops is one of Leeds more high end shops and features brands such as Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuitton. In fact the Blue Rinse offers more than 75 different unique brands so you will be spoilt for choice if you have the cash to splash.

You can find some of Leeds most luxurious shops near the Vue cinema where the variety of fashion is impeccable. However if this is not quite your thing then you can take a look through the old farmer markets where there are some fantastic traditional stores. Leeds is also home to the famous Kirk gate market where believe it or not Marks and Spencer’s once began their reign to success, now a multimillion company it came from this market a while back.

On a sale Leeds unlike a lot of cities has something for everyone whether you are a massive spender or simply a bargain hunter the city has two scales to it which is perfect for the balance and you can really enjoy your time there. Harvey Nichols is one of the greatest shopping experiences with only a couple all over the country Leeds is home to one of the largest there is to offer. For die hard superhero fans or Beano fans, Leeds is also home to one of the most independent comics stores.