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Leicester City

Leicester is a diverse city that is both rich in culture and in history. This is reflected by museums in the city, which house many objects of local, national and international importance. The museums listed will give knowledge about Romans, machines and motors, dinosaurs, science and the natural and industrial world.

Leicester's Museum of Archaeology is placed in the wonderful setting of the remains of the Roman town's public baths. The Jewry Wall is one of Leicester's most famous landmarks. It is a rare example of Roman walling which has survived for nearly 2000 years. The Jewry Wall is the second largest piece of surviving Roman building in this country. Its two arched doorways formed the entrance to the Roman public bathhouse, the remains of which are laid out in front of the Wall.

The origin of the name is a mystery. It may have been named after Leicester's medieval Jewish community who were expelled from Leicester by the town charter of 1250. Another possibility is that the wall came to be associated with the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, all which survived of the great Jewish temple destroyed by the Romans.


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