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Music & DJs - Midlands Limos

Music plays a huge part in today's society but historically music has been around for thousands of years. There are thousands of different varieties of music and different cultures and traditions have even more varieties of music within them.

Mobile DJs can be hired to play music at your request at your birthday or wedding party or in a limousine hire service. There are different types of DJs for different types of music, for e.g. at an Indian wedding ceremony the DJ may be accompanied by a live drum player and dancers may also be included with the DJ.

Nightclubs and bars also 'specialise' in certain types of music i.e. some clubs may play hip hop and some only dance music. Some clubs vary and play different music on different nights of the week; hence individual tastes are catered for.

Music is experienced by individuals in a range of social settings ranging from being alone to attending a large indoor or outdoor concert. Live music shows are much more common these days and attended in the hundreds of thousands. Musical performances take different forms in different cultures of society.

These days there are many different modes of listening to music from MP3 players to iPods. The traditional methods of CDs etc. are fast vanishing as the digital era takes over.

Music has been around for centuries and will no doubt continue to be around until the end of time, forever developing and expanding.