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Limousine season set to continue during the summer

The limousine trade is set for a great year with the Olympic Games according to the national financial times it is said that the games will be extremely popular for the ever rising Olympic Games and it will help the limousine trend coming straight off the back of the ever so busy prom season.

Olympics hospitality providers are being warned to be wary of ferrying guests around in luxury cars and limousines during the London games. Stretch limousines and other novelty cars such as fire engines and h2 hummer limos, many of which are unsafe or operating illegally, have become the focus of a joint police mission, Operation Kansas, which is part of the transportation police in the London area.

“The limo trade is going to be a very popular transport method at the Olympic Games, said Steve Burton, director of community safety, enforcement and policing at.

This is all about encouraging the industry to self-regulate, he added. Such cars are being inspected by police and the Vehicle and Operators Services Agency in Saturday night raids across the capital. Police have impounded four limousines because their drivers lacked an operator’s licence, and have issued 70 penalties. The limousines will have to be on their best behaviour and anybody thinking of going without a fully licensed limousine will have their work cut short.