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Man arrested for the robbery of limousine

A man from Michigan has been arrest on first degree burglary after the man stole the limousine from the MGM grand at the fox wood; he was arrested early this morning after the police caught up with the man after he was on the run for his criminal charges. He has now been charged for first degree larceny and possession of a controlled substance, interfering with police and driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs or evading.

The incident happened around 3:45am and the police stopped him at 4:06am in the area of the route 2 and 184, this year has seen an upraise in America with criminals stealing the big limousines. The police department said this is probably due to the limo becoming more popular this year in America and more of them being around the town. Also probably due to the novelty of the car. Caramnica is now being held on bond and will know his fate later on tomorrow day it is said.


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