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The UK’s limousine Agony has slammed the industry to know why read ahead!!!

It comes after comments from members regarding the running of the National Limousine Association based in Leeds. On a rare appearance on Limo Chat, Mr Bowling hit backs at claims that a board member was in a paid position as Membership Secretary, without members being notified.

In a four page argument on a website, members of the NLCA openly accused various names within the industry of benefiting from donated monies and called for an explanation from the Chairman, Peter Wright.
The Officer of the NLCA replied with a statement, accusations and arguments with a warning which suggested he will no longer fight for the industry. Bill has also been an integral part of the association for almost 15 years and has dedicated most of his life within the limousine industry to helping operators in times of difficulty.

Mr Bowling told us “I feel disappointed more than anything. The comments made in the forum have been somewhat immature and at a time where there are so many other issues to concentrate on, we simply do not need this aggravation.”

Bill also added to his statement “I note that there is a surfeit of comment, advice and even castigation on the running of the NLCA. I find it reprehensible that I have to defend the group against bickering and backbiting from operators. It is difficult enough to fight the common enemy, deal with legislation, challenge points of law, and represent members in court hearings, public inquiries and tribunals, without seeing the group being destroyed from the enemy within i.e., ourselves.”

After all that we proud to say that midland limos is not associated with any sort of fraud or deception so to make sure that the company you are travelling is safe make sure you have read a little bit about them first. 


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