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Midlands limos teams with Noel Edmonds Christmas Party

Midlands's limos are teaming up with Noel Edmonds for his great show Noels Christmas presents. This will mean that Midlands limos will be helping Noel in making Christmas a great time for everyone, This great show will be aired on sky one the home of family entertainment on Sunday the 23rd December 2007 at 7pm and again on Christmas day between the peak period of 6-9pm.

The show will work like this, Sky one are currently researching the stories of people who have been nominated by their loved ones for the Christmas gift of a lifetime. The nominees include people who have selflessly cared for others through illness, people who have had their lives almost ruined by disasters such as the London bombs or the Gloucestershire floods, have-a-go heroes who deserve recognition, children who have bravely faced troubles that no child should have to go through, people who have prematurely lost loved ones without getting the chance to say goodbye. In the show Sky one surprise these people with the Christmas presents of their dreams and make this Christmas one to remember after a year they would probably rather forget.

Midlands limos will be aiding sky one and Noel Edmonds to provide help for all the unfortunate and most of all Midlands limos will volunteer to help young carer Lucy, who at 9 looks after both her mum and dad who are both in wheelchairs with physical disabilities, with the Christmas present of a lifetime. As a young carer Lucy has had to mature before her time and takes on the responsibility of the day to day running of a working household, this includes, cooking, cleaning, shopping, answering the phone and being her parents sole link to the outside world. Lucy can not spare the time to play with friends her own age and must often feel very alone and in need of a break. We would like to give Lucy a treat for all her hard work, and take the obvious pressure of being the sole carer in a household off her shoulders. We have planned for Lucy to have a fun weekend away to Alton Towers with her friends, and to return to a made over magical bedroom retreat for her to relax in after a hard day. Lucy is Harry Potter's biggest fan and we plan to create a Harry Potter style room that Lucy can enjoy for years. Midlands's limos will come in to help to offer Lucy a stylish and exotic drive in one of our excellent limousines from Chester to Alton towers so she can have a ride of a lifetime. Lucy and her friends will enjoy free soft drinks in our limousines to make her night even better.

Midlands's limos will be helping out all Day for the cause to offer assistance whenever needed to make someone's great Christmas a reality.

Do not miss Noels Christmas presents as the show will try to improve everyone's Christmas and Midlands's limos will be providing a helping hand to aid the show. So don't miss the show on 23rd December 2007 7pm and again on Christmas day between 6-9pm to see Noel Edmonds and Midlands limos bring a great Christmas.

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