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Nottingham Vibrant City

Nottingham is one of the most vibrant and most visited cities in the UK and with some of the best nightclubs that this country has to offer. The nightlife has grown in recent towns in the Nottingham town centre with over a hundred clubs such as the Oceana night club, the Forum and many bars such bar circle, Yates bar and Walkabout pubs. The pubs and bars are all around the market square and with plenty of fast food restaurants to visit after so there are plenty places to get your grub after a big night out.

Nottingham is also famous for its night Detonate which is held at a nightclub called Stealth we have worked closely with this club over the past and we have some great offers to offer when the event takes place so be sure to stay tuned to us at Midlands Limos.

We have a depot in Nottingham so everybody who books a limousine with us can come and view the vehicles for them, and can even view the limousine you have booked with ourselves.