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Peterborough City Life

Peterborough nightlife and day light are complete experiences with two theatres offering some of the biggest shows which are on offer; the Key Theatre and The Cresset Theatre give some of the most extravagant performances. There is also a great selection of restaurants serving great foods and even the nightclubs around these theatres are open until the early hours of the morning.  Peterborough not only has great city activities but also some of the most beautiful countryside which can be seen across the country. It has great walks where you can chill out and spend a great day admiring the wildlife and nature and you can even give water sports a go around the city.

Peterborough not only has the modern day accessories but has a great backing of history behind it including the Norman Cathedral which gives you a lovely backdrop to the town and you can really see how old the city is from its buildings. Some people in Peterborough still enjoy to live in that relaxed yet old fashioned manner where they really do love their horses and use the animals on a day to day basis rather than using motor transport.

Shopping in the city has been seriously upgraded in the last five years with a choice of 3 shopping centres, you have the modern independent stores from the likes of All Saints and major outlets to farmer markets and craft fairs which are the real heart beat of the city. In the summer Peterborough is one of our personal favourites at Midlands Limos with the relaxing atmosphere and a drink relaxing with the countryside views it truly is amazing.

The relaxing lakes and woodlands will certainly make your realise why this city is so admired and chesired upon.