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Photography on your wedding Day

Specialist photography is used for special occasions like weddings. Advanced cameras are required and a photographer with a clear-cut imagination and a mind for taking those often unique and special photographs. Anyone can take photographs but a professional photographer will capture an image and make it connect.

Usually after the wedding ceremony the newly wed couple will take some time out for photo opportunities, generally in some exotic location with trees, greenery, flowers and possibly rivers flowing in the background. Photos may also be taken in and around the vast Church courtyard and gardens. If a Limousine Hire service has been used then this will also be used in the photographs.

A common photo is with the bride sitting or leaning on the bonnet of the limousine with her long and white dress trailing behind her. A common photo with the groom is with him sitting in the driving seat and the bride standing beside the door, holding it open, him beckoning her towards him.

The newly wed couple may also have their photographs taken whilst sitting inside the exotic limousine, sipping on champagne to celebrate their new life together.

It is not uncommon for the photographer to take several hundred photographs at a wedding and then liaise with the couple afterwards to see which ones to actually save / print. Photographers will also provide the service of creating a lovely and unique photo album. The photos may also contain comments / memories written in by hand by family members and friends just to give it that extra special personal touch and finish.

Photos can capture a moment and bring a life-time of joy and memories for years to come, enjoyed by generations of the family members and friends.

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