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Wedding Car Hire

The Rolls Royce Phantom is the world's best car for any occasion. This car is pure luxury and everything about the car is class form the special leather seats to the 'RR' logos on the wheel hubs.

The car has a massive 6.75L engine, 48 valves, V12 producing 453bhp the engine is built by its parent company BMW. The Phantom is 1.63 metres tall, 1.99 metres wide, and 5.83 metres long and weighs just less than 2.5 tonnes. The main body of the car is build from aluminium and the interior is finished with the very best materials which include carpets which your feet can sink into. The phantom can accelerate from 0 to 62 miles in 5.7 seconds and has a 6 speed automatic transmission.

The Phantom has many special features like the RR logos on the wheel hub, which will always stay upright when the wheels are turning; they have their own bezels to keep them upright.

phantom car hire

The Spirit of Ecstasy ornament (the flying lady at the front of the car) can be retracted by the driver by the touch of a button, it also has sensors and can automatically retract to prevent theft of it and protect pedestrians in an event of an accident.

The phantom has a power reserve dial instead of a tachometer this shows the driver how much engine power he has left in reserve.

The rear doors are rear hinged and open differently from most doors. These are known as suicide doors but Rolls Royce call them coach doors. They have their own button on the C pillars which close them automatically using hydraulic motors. They also lock automatically and an electronic lock prevents the doors being opened accidently. If by any chance they open whilst the car is moving then the car will automatically brake to walking speed.

You can choose to have the phantom in most colours; you have 44,000 paint colours to choose from and can specify any leather colour.

This car is world renowned for its luxury and build quality that's why the rich and famous are chauffeured in this car. The Burj al Arab in Dubai the 7 star hotel has a fleet of them to transport their customers.

Why don't you hire this beautiful car for your wedding this car will be the icing on the cake for any bride