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Rolls Royce limo Sells for £2million

The Rolls Royce limousine which has made more profit than any other limousine in the world. The Rolls Royce is still in working order and could fetch up to a massive £2million profit at the Goodwood Festival on June 29th. The 1912 double Pullman Rolls Royce limo has been named the Corgi after the toy manufacturer copied its design in the 1960’s the model of the 7,874 vehicles were made between the 1906 and 1926.

During the first world war when times were hard and the country needed all the materials it could gain the Rolls Royce’s were turned into types of emergency vehicles however one Roller avoided that conversion and still retains nearly 90% of its original features. The vehicle is over 100 years old but the Pullman limo can still cruise around the streets at 40-50mph with its huge 7.3 litre and 6 cylinder engines with takes 15 miles to a gallon.

The first owner of the Rolls Royce Corgi limo is registered to a gentleman named Mr Stephens; the winning bid is predicted to be in a winning bid of around £2million.