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Royal Ascot Limos Rolls Royce Phantom

So you're wearing a designer suit and she looks beautiful in her flowing dresses and flashy handbag. All you need now is a car that is perfect and that stands apart from all the rest. Well, Royal Ascot Limos can help by providing you with the opportunity to hire a Rolls Royce Phantom - this vehicle screams out sophistication and refined taste like no other!

The Rolls Royce Phantom has been designed to be easy to drive as well as an extremely comfortable ride. Royal Ascot Limos offers this luxury vehicle for self hire or chauffer driven.

Whether you're celebrating at the races, you are trying to impress someone or you just want to treat yourself then hire our Rolls Royce Phantom and you will feel like a VIP.

This car is nearly 20ft long and 6ft 6in wide making it noticeable; it is a statement of affluence. The exterior of the Rolls Royce Phantom bears the signature contour of a classic Rolls Royce. The interior of the Rolls Royce Phantom is a mix of old fashion luxury with contemporary comfort. It's exceptionally spacious and can seat up to four passengers. The long bonnet and strong 'C-Pillar' behind the rear doors and the discreet car window prevents passengers in the rear from being seen from on lookers as they're chauffeured around.

This is an utterly fabulously and awesome car, so hurry and hire with Royal Ascot Limos and this car will make your occasion extra special as you travel to Royal Ascot in style and luxury.

We offer this vehicle to hire for other occasions too! Contact us today to find out more or to book for Royal Ascot.