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School Prom’s for Biggest Alcohol Bust

With teenagers there is always a way of getting drunk, most teens always find a way to break the law and try to get drunk. The way kids are sneaking alcohol into their proms has become very easy this year with a company making secret bars and sandals to hide the alcohol into the building. Amongst the boys and girls attending this year reports are showing that some speechless teachers have seen the bra with the straw down the strap and most teenagers actually believe they are entitled to a drink on their last celebration of school life.

Sandals with a flash and a purse which can carry alcohol even keeping it cool for the customers while they walk around with their bags. Children are now a lot more creative than the past and have made it harder for parents and teachers to catch them in the presence, the prom season is now well under way and with the next 3 months set to break the UK record for prom hire attire the nation is truly in prom mode.

One child was even drinking something called Scope which is a dental mouthwash and contains 40 percent alcohol which you can imange is not good for you at all. Parents are now becoming stricter and the message to everyone is to keep the children away from the beer and booze.