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Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

Luxury Car Maker Rolls Royce is involved into this business since 1971 and is now the most desirable car among the who’s who of the world. Owning this car is a symbol of true luxury and stature as affordability is not the only criteria to buy a Rolls Royce, the company goes through the profile of the person who wishes to buy one and Rolls Royce is sold to a person only if the company is satisfied that the person who wishes to have a Rolls Royce deserves the Rolls Royce. There are many such examples in the past where many well known names have been denied a Rolls Royce car just because the car maker was not impressed by their profile.

This car was manufactured from 1955 to 1966 and between these times only 7372 numbers of such models were produced by the company.

It’s all together a different feeling of being chauffeured in this Rolls Royce vintage beauty and that is the reason this particular car is very much in demand as a wedding car among couples getting married. Everyone wants to make sure that all the eyes are glued to them only on their wedding day and by choosing this car they make sure it happens.

Ours is a 4 door air conditioned car with 4.9 Liter of engine. It has been kept by many bureaucrats of England and some well known faces of the states and came to us in mid eighties. Some major restoration work has been done by the qualified engineers of the company; thankfully the original engine has been restored. So it’s the same old Rolls Royce not only from outside but from inside as well. It is regularly serviced by Experienced Engineers just to make sure that the car performs well in each and every occasion.
For every occasion we provide the car with mind blowing interiors and amazing floral bouquets for the perfect environment and on the exterior we decorate the car as per the choice of client with bouquets and white or ivory ribbon which enhances the charisma of this neatly polished car.

The chrome finish of headlights and some other exteriors along with big bold signature grill of the Rolls Royce just adds to the luxurious road presence of the car. Choosing this car for newlywed couple just makes sure that all the eyes are on them at the time of arrival and the shutter bugs don’t have to make much efforts for taking world class snaps.