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Guy Stolen Lamborghini now in £150,000 Debt

The teen who allegedly stole celebrity chef’s Guy Fire’s £180,000 Lamborghini is a delinquent daredevil who kept a stash of weapons, spy gear and a police officer's uniform. Police tracked down Max Wade, 17, after he shot at two teens motorbike, he then went on to attack the girl and her boyfriend leaving them bruised and injured. Two weeks after the assault, he asked the girl out on a date and a chance to ride in the Lamborghini, which the information came from the official police statements.

Officers arrested the Wade when the girl tipped off police. They were waiting for him when he went to his storage locker in Richmond, California, to pick up the car. Police discovered evidence there that also implicates him in four bank robberies across northern California. Along with Fieri's Lamborghini, police found a troubling trove of gear, including an assault shotgun and an AK-47 assault rifle. He also had cell phone jammers, police radio scramblers and the scanner frequencies for several California police departments.

The Police found a fake uniform and a many weapons and police gear which is said to be used, by the teen who stole the Lamborghini in the end. The Police also said he was very clever to do something like this and a normal criminal may not of gone to the extremes which he did.