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Visit Nottinghamshire

On a rainy day there are plenty of things to do in Nottingham city centre from the Galleries of Justice where you can have a tour of the famous Shire Hall which was owned by the Sheriff of Nottingham. The tour will talk you through all of the crimes and punishments which were committed through the generations. Another great venue to visit is the Discovery centre which is in Mansfield; the drive is around 25 minutes from the city centre and is well worth a visit. It gives the children a real chance to make something and build their own product; it’s a fantastic way to show children how things are processed in the real world.

Just two minutes away from this you will find the Science Centre and the Green’s Windmill, two venues well worthy of a visit and a real experience to show you how people actually used to live in and around the Workhouse.

If you into trying something rather different and don’t mind putting your neck on the line literally, then you can try the National Ice Centre where for a great price you can hire out your skates and give skating a go around the ice. The NIC is the UK’s official centre for ice sports, not only that it’s a great way to try something out of the ordinary. If you want to take your skating abilities further you can take lessons, with different sections making it perfect for different abilities.

If none of these take your fancy you can always have a walk around the Victoria shopping centre or the new Westfield which was the former Broadmarsh shopping centre. The Westfield is still in development and may have some top designer shops in the very near future.