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Visit Nottingham

Robin Hood is an icon in the county of Nottinghamshire and all around England. Robin Hood robbed from the rich to feed the poor and saved Nottingham from the sheriff of Nottingham. Robin Hood lived in Nottingham and is still well known today and the Robin Hood legend will live on forever. In Nottingham you can still see places where Robin Hood used to be especially at Sherwood Forest were Robin Hood used to roam about, these areas can still be seen today and you could hire one of our exotic limousine hires and get chauffeured to see the legend for yourself.

Nottingham castle is a magnificent 17th century ducal mansion built on the site of the original Medieval Castle, with spectacular views across the city. A vibrant museum and art gallery housing collections of silver, glass, armour and paintings, plus fifteen centuries of Nottingham history. You could do many things in the castle know like check out the great museum and artefacts and also see the caves where all the history lies. You could travel in our hummer limousine hire or maybe our exotic pink hummer limo hire and roam around the castle as a king yourself.


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