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Warwick Limos

Is a truly historical hotspot, with a variety of market towns that stretch from mediaeval to Georgian times, along with two famous castles at Kenilworth & Warwick. The glorious river Avon which flows through the magnificent rolling countryside and further to the south the classic landscapes of the Cotswolds.

Another highlight being Stratford upon Avon the home of William Shakespeare and features many Shakespeare's houses and associated venues. This mediaeval market town is home to more than just the Castle. Market Place is a bustling area with cafes, bars and restaurants and great specialist shops. Markets are held every Saturday along with monthly farmers' markets. Lord Leicester Hospital, Warwick Racecourse and Warwick Museum & St. John's House are also well worth a visit.

Warwick is also known for its fantastic arts and its olden traditions which have stuck throughout the years, they also have some fantastic scenery throughout the whole of the county.


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