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Limousine HireTips (Q & A)

The key to success in the Limousine Industry is keeping your limousine fleet clean, luxurious, and reliable for your regular clients, and new potential ones
Developing a regular maintenance program including a top notch limousine detailing schedule pays off for your limo fleet and your pocket in the long run.

Limo Hiring TipsWhen it comes to selecting the limousine service, always compare prices in relation with the expected service. Always check out the year, make and model of the limousine. Most people always prefer a late model limousine which is 2-3 years old. Do not be tricked by the price of the advertisements.
Limousine service can vary with it's price level. The most simple and standardized limousine service will have the limousine, driver and beverages. When it comes to the driver, make sure that the service provider will provide a uniformed driver for the wedding. The last thing is that one would want a chauffeur to be dressed in casual slacks and a polo shirt.

Question: When ringing different limousine companies for prices they vary Why?
Answer: Prices will vary depending on size and age of the limousine. At Midlands limousines we run only the highest specification limousines, all our limousines are brand new 2007 models we are always updating our fleet. Remember the cheapest isn't always the best.

Question: Can we view the limousines before we book?
Answer: Yes! Viewing is highly recommended, and at A Midlands Limousines the limousine you choose either by viewing personally or by browsing our website is the limousine you will be sent, beware of some companies that will advertise limousines they do not own or operate.

Question: How do I book the limousine?
Answer: Pay a small deposit to secure the vehicle and pay the balance later. At a Midlands limousines we always take a deposits which secures your booking, please beware of companies that take payment on the rental day/night, e.g. if your booking is agreed at say £200 and later another booking comes in for £500, you maybe lucky to receive a phone call to cancel your booking or you and your friends maybe waiting for a limousine that never arrives - some times businesses call you to tell you the "limo has been damaged and is off the road.... nothing we can do....sorry!" Meanwhile that broken limo is off on a more profitable job and to hell with you and your night out! This really happens with some less than professional outfits so take care please.

Question: The limo you booked is an hour late and its not the one you booked, the driver isn't even properly dressed or polite!
Reason: Never mind! It was after all £20 cheaper than some other company offered to do the job for. They said it had a DVD, it does but it doesn't work! Although the £20 you saved could have got you a limousine that really has a DVD system that actually works! Remember you may only spoil yourself once and hire a limousine - so please make sure you make the right choice.

Our deal to you is we will pick you up in the morning from your homes or golf clubs or health spas (or wherever else you might have prepared for the Big Day at the Royal Ascot). You'll be taken in a style no other can match to the Racetrack where we have our own parking and entertainment area right at the trackside. There your limousine will stay with you for the day and right on into the evening.

After the racing is over and your pockets are bulging with the profits of the day - you can enjoy yet another bottle or two of chilled bubbly as your personal chauffeur takes you home or to the club where you might be planning a celebration with the rest of your party.

Solution: Quality and Reliability and High Standards from a reputable firm are never going to be the cheapest option. Never. If price is all that matters you may be in for a big surprise! Midlands Limousines will never compromise standards or timing and delivery promises. That's a promise.

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