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Phantom Car Hire Nottingham

Nottingham a city located in the Midlands. Nottingham is a modern city with lots of history. The city is in the heart of England and is easily accessible via the M1 using junctions 24 t0 28, Nottingham shares borders with numerous cites like Derby, Leicester, Lincoln and Sheffield.
Nottingham is a cosmopolitan city with many bars and restaurants for all tastes. If you looking for an Indian restaurant, then look no further than desi down town located in Hockley area of Nottingham. The food is superb and the grills are mouth watering, this is properly one of the best restaurants in the country. They also have branches in Hyson Green Nottingham and Kimberley Nottinghamshire.

Nottingham also has hundreds of bars catering for all, from trendy bars like living room, pitcher and piano to Tantra where you can lie on beds and sip your cocktails.

Nottingham is a city with a lot of history you could visit Nottingham castle located very close to the city centre. The castle is linked to sheriff of Nottingham and Robin Hood, Robin was an outlaw who robbed from the rich to give to the poor, legend has it. Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest and met is love Maid Marion at major oak a tree; both Sherwood Forest and major oak are about 20 miles from the city centre.

Nottingham is also associated is lace, lace was spun in Nottingham and sent all over the world. Raleigh bikes, Boots the chemist, John Players cigarettes and fashion designer Paul Smith all started in Nottingham.

In 1971 the Victoria centre was opened in Nottingham centre and at its time this was the biggest and most modern shopping centre in the U.K.

The market square in the centre of Nottingham is one of the largest slab square's in the U.K most events are held there, there is an annual outdoor skating arena there and markets stalls. Rumour has it; it's where criminal where put in stock. The annual goose fair which is held in the first week of October is the largest fair in Europe. The fair has been going for hundreds of years and each year it's getting bigger attracting people from all over the world.

Nottingham has two universities, Nottingham University and Trent University both of them bring in over 150,000 students from all corners of the world, these students bring a life line to Nottingham's bars, taxi firms and landlords.
Why not visit the beautiful city of Nottingham it had so much to offer for all ages.