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£20 Million Car Auction

Over £20 million in classic and custom vehicles were sold at the Barrett Jackson auto auction held in Las Vegas last week, the company had reported on Wednesday. Topping the sales was a 1964 Ford Fairline and sold for over £500,000 also with that was a bunch of sports car which were also selling in the £100,000 mark. The final tally did beat last year with that almost selling £16 million but did fall short of the massive 2008, £23 million and that was spent. Attendance was nearly 60,000 the highest number in the auctions year runs in Las Vegas. A record 580 vehicles were sold at the three day event and the owner described it as being a success.

The facts were stated that only 3 percent of the winning bids that met the reserve did not go through, it had a 97% winning rate. Last year a £500,000 bid on an owner Bugatti Veyron and he turned the offer down deciding he would not sell the vehicle.

They raised almost 1.3 million pound in charity funds, with the NASCAR owner splashing out £200,000 on Camaro. All in all, the entire event went fantastic and if it continues to make this kind of money for charity each year it is a great achievement.