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200 mph Hybrid Porsche

Porsche have unveiled a 200mph, Hybrid concept car capable of creating 700 horsepower, at the Geneva car show. The new vehicle is going to be called the Spyder 918 and would cost around £410,000, making it the most expensive Porsche ever.

Although, initially sold only as a concept car, if there is enough interest the car may go into production. According to Wired magazine there have been over 2,000 interested customers, yet Porsche have not made any comments regarding their intentions.

The vehicle has a 500mph V8 engine, which is supplemented with 2 electric motors, enabling the vehicle to reach a top speed of 198mph and a 0-62mph time of 3.2 seconds. Porsche have advised that when the vehicle is driven in it's most economical mode it is possible to get a fuel consumption of 79 mpg, emitting 70g carbon dioxide emitted per kilometre. For comparison, the Toyota Prius T3 Hybrid gives off 89g/km, and 4.6l/100km. Porsche's figures have not been independently verified, suggesting they must be best-case examples at least.

The 918 Spyder has four driving modes, each giving a different balance between economy and performance. "Eco" runs entirely on the electrical motors, with a battery range of 16 miles. "Hybrid" uses both fuel and electricity as conditions warrant. "Sport" does similar, but with the balance shifted towards speed, with most of the power going to the rear wheels. "Race" goes purely for performance, with the electric motors redirecting energy lost in braking back to the wheels in a "push to pass" boost.

It is believed that the Spyder 918 could boost Porsche's environmental reputation as the company is owned by Volkswagen which also makes Lamborghini and Bentley vehicles, some of “Europe's worst gas guzzlers".