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2013 Lexus ES350 - Reinvention against the odds

Luxury with a new definition is the all new 2013 Lexus ES350. Ever since the Lexus ES line was designed, it has sold on its styling and luxury. Being the sixth generation ES, the Company made sure to retain the basic formula of styling and luxury.

What’s new in the new 2013 Lexus ES350 is that it is more spacious and comfortable. the new luxury car is lengthier and taller than the previous model and the width is also better. The new design of the car features the all improved high speed stabilizing tiny aero, stability fins on its door covers and rear combination lamps on the underbody covers.

The surprise feature with the 2013 Lexus ES350 is the bigger and more spacious seating area. There are negligible changes in the front area but in the new model the back seat gets an increase of 0.7 inches in the headroom and the legroom is increased by up to 4.1 inches. It is indeed a good news for all those people who prefer to be chauffer driven, as they can sit back and get more leg space at the back seat.

2013 Lexus ES350 offers a front engine along with a front wheel drive. It has a seating capacity of five passengers which makes it the perfect family car. 2013 Lexus ES350 is a four door luxury sedan which picks up from 0 to 60 mph in about 5.9 seconds and has a top speed of 130 mph. The new model is truly a reinvention against the odds and offers all the luxury of sedan and is comfortable and boasts of larger seating room.

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