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2013 Lotus Evora – The ultimate head turner

2013 Lotus Evora is a beautiful sports car that offers a rear wheel drive which is powered by a 3.5 liter V6 engine to produce 276 horsepower. The new car, which is set to be launched next year, offers a six speed manual or six speed automatic transmission option that could be shifted from automatic to manual almost instantly. The car can pick up a speed from zero to 60 MPH in about five seconds and boasts of a top speed of 160 MPH. The 2013 Lotus Evora is a fuel efficient car with a front wheel of 18 inch diameter and a back wheel of 19 inch diameter. The car also features power folding exterior mirrors.

The interiors and exteriors of 2013 Lotus Evora complement each other. It comes with a never ending list of technologies that are integrated in. This include features like a cruise control, rear parking sensor, reverse camera, Bluetooth, Lotus imprint audio system etc. The seats have a leather finish which makes the car look quiet elegant. These features make your journey much more comfortable and enjoyable.

This car can be rented from any car rental company in UK and can make your journey the most memorable experience of the lifetime. It can be rented not only for individuals on business trip but for families as well who can book it for vacations. It can be a part of your memorable holiday experience.

If you plan to get the car for your family trip then you can make advance booking with the car rental companies. Many of them operate online which makes it very easy for you to learn about the fleet they have and book the car you like. You can get the car at the airport or pick it up from the car rental company. Most people prefer to get their rental car at the airport as it helps in saving their time and enables them to travel comfortably.

You can hire this car from any car rental companies at competitive prices in UK. Apart from Lotus Evola you can also get other kinds of luxury cars like Bentley, Limousine, Lamborghini, Ferrari and other such cars. You can hire any of the cars you like and get to ride it around the town comfortably. Hiring a luxury car enables you to ride and drive it anywhere you want and makes you feel comfortable.

The Lotus Evola shall be available from 2013 as many of the good rental companies would be adding it to their fleet.  Meanwhile, you can enjoy riding the cars that are available with them and have the convenience to get them for self drive or along with a chauffeur. You can also rent the cars for few hours and enjoy driving it.