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70 Year Old Groom and 70 Year Old Bride Tie Knot

Bachelor Michael Winner has performed a massive U-turn by deciding he was to marry long term partner Geraldine Lynton- Edwards after a couple of years back he denied he would ever tie the knot in his lifetime. The 75 year old groom and the 70 year old bride exchanged their vows in a somewhat low key ceremony at a Chelsea Register Office.

Michael Caine and his young wife Shakira were present at the wedding and were there to witness the marriage. The now film director first met his wife when he was young and she was a 16 year old actress coming up in the film industry. The pair then dated for several months however they eventually both went their separate ways. The couple then relighted their relationship sometime in 2005 after they both had seemingly moved on with their life having children and leaving it for so many years. 

Michael Winner couldn’t praise his new wife enough after the star eat a Oyster and was given a life threatening disease, and despite his rep with the ladies Michael got married and put all the rumours behind in his life and they are set to honeymoon in Portofino Italy.