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A Bride rescued on her wedding day by Husband

The Bride and Groom had exchanged vows two hours earlier and newlyweds were not expecting to be in a life threatening situation in the next few hours however that is what happened.  The bride and groom from New South Wales Australia were travelling from their wedding to their reception when the vehicle suddenly went up into flames.

With the freak accident happening so fast 27 year old Nathan jumped out of the car as the rear of the vehicle was set a light due to a unexpected fuel leak, but wife Stephanie was trapped in the car weighed down and her dress began to catch fire.

Nathan then jumped into the inferno and pulled new wife Stephanie from the blaze, a fire extinguisher was on hand for Stephanie to put out the flames on her dress.  The chauffeur suffered from burns and was taken to the hospital and groom Nathan was suffering from smoke inhalation.

Despite all of this the couple still made it to their wedding reception for the speeches and even had their first dance before being taken to the hospital, after all of this Nathan and Stephanie can’t wait to jet off on their honeymoon at the end of the month. Best wishes to the couple on their honeymoon.