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A Closer look into Petra Eccelstone’s wedding

One of the arguably most anticipated celebrity weddings took place around 2 weeks ago now and Petra certainly had her dream wedding, with guests from the Royal Family attending she managed to keep her cool throughout the whole thing. Petra who married James Stunt is the 22 year old who is the daughter to F1 owner. She decided to be driven in a white Rolls Royce with her father sitting next o her in the back of the Phantom.

When the wedding ended she had a lavish firework display and crowds gathered to watch the display, as well as the fireworks she also hired acrobats to perform in the air, they were hoisted by hot air balloons and set up in the air.

The wedding ceremony was a night to remember and some of the family who tweeted said she looked amazing and the wedding was one of the best weddings she has ever been too.

The castle which she hired out for the night cost £310,000 for the night and she wasn’t happy with just one wedding car Petra had two, the Rolls Royce which travelled her from the hotel to the venue and then she swapped vehicles to make her grand entrance into the castle.

All in all the wedding was one of the most memorable celebrity weddings and cost in the region of £5million pounds.