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A Radio Station Set Too Marry two strangers.

Nowadays people do have some bizarre weddings however this must be the most bizarre yet, an Oxfordshire based radio station wants to marry off two strangers who have never set eyes on each other in order to prove the saying that love is blind.

The strange competition has been receiving a lot of publicity and Jack FM has benefited by more listeners listening to their station, it has also received criticism from religious leaders who claim the competition as nonsense and risky.

The two strangers and a wedding competition has already begun and Jack FM are now collecting application forms from single women and men across the country knowing they could be walking down the aisle in a few months time.

Jack FM are going to choose a bride in the following weeks then try and match this bride with what they think will be the perfect match for a husband, now if this wasn’t bad enough the couple will in fact get chance to meet each other however they will be blindfolded and will only be allowed to see each other when they arrive at the altar just moments before they get married.

Religious and relationships counsellors have told the radio station they should try and come up with less ridiculous ideas of competitions however the wedding shall go ahead and we will see what the upcoming months bring.