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Amazing Indian Wedding Costing £14 million

This is being described as the most expensive weddings to take place in India, the groom received an helicopter for a present and the pair got married inside of an farmhouse. The groom married in a garland made of bank notes, and thousands of stars including Bollywood and politicians attended.

Guests include Mr Tanwar’s father Kanwar who is a huge wealthy city politician, they claimed they didn’t understand the fuss about the wedding as it was a standard marriage. This may be standard to these powerhouses but not so much to the general public.

The wedding was celebrated with 100 dishes and 12 giants TV screens broadcasting the wedding, the 2000 wedding guests were giving a safari suit worth around £307 and the bride’s family gave gifts to the groom worth around 3million pounds. The grooms barber even received a gift of £5,500.

Estimates are claiming that around £13.5 million was spent on the wedding while others are claiming it to be more the region of £33.8million. The celebrations conclude on Sunday with a VIP reception at the 5 star hotel in Delhi where the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is expected to attend.